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Musical instruments anyone can learn to play

Instead of an actual musical instrument, the MidiWing is a tool developed to enable children and adults with physical and mental challenges to play music. The small yellow-green box is a fully chromatic...
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Electronics flair in accessible music instrument

US-based engineers, recognising the difficulty disabled people have in playing conventional instruments, have developed the MidiWing, which can be played by anyone regardless of physical ability...
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Musician, engineer create easy-to-play instrument

Not all of us have the gift to play music. Timing, physical coordination and, of course, that elusive thing called rhythm, make it practically impossible for many of us. A Taos musician and a Sandia Engineer have created an instrument that they think anyone can play...
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MidiWing opens up music creation to everybody

Inspired by the many people he encountered at his mother's daycare center for severely disabled children when he was a youngster himself, multi-instrumentalist Dan Daily began working on a digital music system that anyone can play, regardless of ability or physical capability...
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Electronic musical instrument can be played by kids with motor conditions

MidiWing is an electronic musical device that can be operated using multiple controllers, opening up access to young people without the dexterity to master traditional instruments...
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New way to make music

Taos musician and teacher Dan Daily with Sandia microsystems engineer Kent Pfeifer on Daily’s MidiWing musical instrument that can be played by virtually anyone....
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