The original MidiWing prototype

The Newest MidiWing for 2013


  • Far easier to play than traditional musical instruments. Progress is much faster no matter what the ability level.
  • Adapts to any physical condition.
  • Especially but not exclusively for people with disabilities.
  • Plugs into any computer - outputs USB-MIDI as well as standard MIDI.
  • Requires almost no physical exertion or stamina.
  • Traditional methods, materials and pedagogy can be used to learn/teach this instrument. Fits right in to regular school music ensembles like band and orchestra.
  • Accepts a great variety of switches and controls, digital and analog, including those made especially for people with disabilities.
  • Simple visual feedback means students can use vision to help them learn the instrument.
  • Emulates the note selection scheme of a bugle, trumpet or trombone but can be operated with just a single switch.
  • Can be customized for different users with different ability levels.
  • Customized settings can be stored in user memory.
  • Powered by AC, 9V battery or USB.
  • Accessible music making for everyone!

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